We are interested in

Genetic basis of quantitative traits

We have built up an association population panel containing more than 500 inbred lines and 10 RIL populations. By combining the phenotypic data at multiple locations in multiple years and ultra-high-density molecular markers, genome wide association study (GWAS) will be carried out in a large scale to explore the genetic basis of complex quantitative traits, i.e. kernel quality, diseases and agronomic traits.

QTL fine mapping and cloning

On the basis of preliminary mapping of QTLs on a number of important traits, classical method of positional cloning will be used to fine map and clone major QTLs affecting important agronomic traits i.e. plant height, kernel quality diseases. Besides, we are to set up a NIL database covering the whole genome from various genetic backgrounds by using the residual heterozygosity of RILs and ultra-high-density molecular markers. It will provide the perfect opportunities for large-scale QTL cloning.

Molecular breeding

It is our long-pursued ultimate goal to have our own technology and build up the platform for maize molecular breeding in China by absorbing advanced conceptions.